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Valentine's Day Roses

Your decision for Valentine's Day flowers can often be bundled into two choices: roses or "not roses."
It's no secret that the rose is the premier Valentine's flower. But, what makes a rose so special that multitudes of other flower choices are merely vying for runner-up to its everlasting claim to the throne? Is it solely a way to say "I love you," or is there more to it?

The rose is symbolic.
Giving someone a rose is a non-verbal message of your feelings. Roses are usually intertwined with the thought of love, and their symbolism can be traced back to the goddess of love in Roman and Greek mythology. However, not every rose color means the same thing.

Red roses, the most popular for the holiday, symbolize love and romance. Pink roses typically represent admiration or some form of appreciation. Yellow roses are the flower of friendship and happiness. Lavender and purple, colors associated with royalty, evoke a feeling of enchantment and majesty. White roses, sometimes called bridal roses, can exemplify true love, unity and virtue.

The rose is beautiful, and it smells great too.
You may not always know the floral tastes of your Valentine. Fortunately, the beauty and scent of the rose combine to set an unofficial standard among flowers, which makes it a great option for safe gifting.

A single rose can be considered beautiful from its beginning stages of budding to full bloom, a feat not accomplished by all gift flowers. The flower also looks fantastic when bundled in arrangements of just about any size. Additionally, the scent of roses is so delightful that it is often used in perfumes.

The rose is traditional.
Traditionally, the rose is a popular, if not expected, gift for the holiday. The number of roses one gives also has traditional meanings. For example, three roses stand for three words: I love you. A dozen roses can imply thinking of someone for 12 months of the year or the desire to go steady. Two dozen roses may refer to thinking of someone 24 hours a day, always on your mind.

The meaning behind the number roses may be shared in a sentimental message accompanying a bouquet. However, it's not a requirement to stick to these traditions when gifting roses; your Valentine may find roses in a favorite color more thoughtful.
No matter what you do, just don't forget the roses!

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