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Having trouble with keeping your roses alive for more than one week? Have you ever wondered if there was any useful tips and tricks to making your lovely flower arrangements survive past the expected freshness date? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Below we gathered some useful tips that you can try yourself that are simple and easy.


Whether your roses are florist-arranged or delivered in a gift box, these tips are sure to make your roses last.

Cutting The Rose Stems

The first crucial step you need to do in order to keep your roses alive is to take your rose bunch and cut the stems. While doing this it is important to make sure you cut your stems on an angle under running water and at least one inch from the bottom. By cutting your stems at an angle it allows the stem to absorb more water. Once your stems are cut, you can carefully place the floral bouquet back into the vase. *Apply this cutting method every two days

Remove Any Foliage or Leaves

Next step is to check the rose bouquet to make sure any extra leaves or foliage are removed so that they will not fall into the vase. It is important to remove any extra leaves or foliage that fall beneath the water line in order to prevent any kind of bacterial growth, which could end up killing your plants faster than you’d like.

Clean Your Vase and Add New Water

Once the roses are cut to and leaves are removed, the next important step is to add room temperature water in your vase along with some flower food that the florists had provided to you. Repeat this step every two days or so to ensure your roses last even longer. Also make sure when you repeat these steps that you thoroughly clean the inside of the vase to prevent any bacterial growth that may affect the life of your beautiful blooms.

Now that the hard part is over, just sit back and watch your beautiful roses

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