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There’s nothing better than receiving a delivery of freshly cut flowers. It typically means someone out there cares about you. It also means you can shamelessly parade your token of affection to everyone within eyesight. It’s only natural that you would want to keep them looking their best for as long as possible—after all no one wants to look at dead flowers. Fret not, because we’re here to bring you 5 simple tips to help keep you from killing your flowers quickly.

  • Know your water temperature



Not all flowers are created equal, and you need to know which temperature is best for your set of flowers. Fortunately, most flowers require warm water, so when you first receive your bouquet, be sure to do just that. That said, if you have bulb flowers like daffodils, hyacinths, or tulips, for example, it’s best to use cold water.

  • Change out the water


In order to preserve your flowers, you need to switch out the water supply every 2 days. A general misnomer is that you simply add more water, however, this can decrease the longevity of your bouquet. If you’re forgetful, stick a note on the fridge or have a set time to change the water. Having a routine is key to helping you upkeep your flowers. So don’t take the easy way out, and you’ll have long lasting flowers.

  • Say no to direct sunlight


What do vampires and fresh cut flowers have in common? They both do not last long in direct sunlight.  The sun helps the flowers bloom faster—which will ultimately lead to a quicker death. Fresh cut flowers do well in the shade so take care to place your vase in the appropriate space. In addition, during the night, keep them in a cool place to maximize their lifespan and provide moisture.

  • Wide open spaces


When selecting the vase for your bouquet, it’s important to not overcrowd the flowers. When there are too many flowers in one vase, they can begin to squash and bruise the petals. Think of it this way—would you want to be squashed like a can of sardines on a crowded subway? The same logic applies for flowers. Be sure to pick a decent-sized vase to allow your flowers to reach their maximum potential.

  • When in doubt preserve it out


We take vitamins in order to help us stay germ-free and boost our immune system. Preservatives provide a similar experience for flowers. You can be purchase preservatives at a home improvement store, local nursery, or anywhere that sells flowers. For those who enjoy a little DIY, you can even make your own preservative at home. By adding preservatives to your bouquet, you are helping them look their best and extending their lifespan simultaneously.

Being on the receiving end of flowers is a major ego boost. Flowers show that people care about you. They also make your peers a tad jealous, but who doesn’t mind that? Of course, no one wants to display a dying or lackluster bouquet in public. It’s important to care for your flowers as soon as you receive them. By using the right temperature, changing the water, keeping them out of sunlight in an open vase and using preservatives, your flowers with live a lot longer than they would without these steps. Don’t be a flower killer and keep your flowers looking like the belle of the ball with our tips, and you’ll be sure to extend your time of bragging rights.


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1 comment

Stacey Aitkin

October 05, 2016

Hi sweetheart. Please note the information on keeping flowers out of the sunlight. Love, Mom.


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