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The chaos of our day-to-day existence can – and often does - wreak havoc on our personal lives. We totally forget about important dates and milestones, leading to shame and disappointment and a desire to make things better as soon as possible. This is what flowers – and same-day delivery – are for. Whether you are a perpetual procrastinator or just an all-around forgetful person, flowers can get you a second chance.
Here are five forgetful situations in which flowers will come to your rescue:
1) You forgot to buy a wedding gift.
You’re at your friend or cousin’s wedding when you realize you never even glanced at the happy couple’s registry. Maybe you came to this realization during the bouquet toss. Do some reconnaissance (surely someone close to the bride or groom will know this information) and find out when they leave and get back from their honeymoon. Then order the most fabulous arrangement possible. They’ll be thrilled to come home to fresh flowers!
Snow Lily
2) You forgot to contribute to the party.
You arrive at a party all pumped and excited, ring the doorbell and then realize that the only thing you brought was an empty stomach and a deep need for a glass of wine. Fear not! Just play it cool throughout the gathering and, as soon as you get home, order a bouquet to be delivered to your host the next day. Your faux pas will be forgotten, the beautiful fresh flowers will be remembered, and you’ll get invited to the next soirée.
3) You forgot to say “Thank you”
Okay, maybe you actually did say “Thank you,” but actions always speak louder than words. Someone did you a huge favor and you want to make sure you express your gratitude in a classy way. Flowers will do this for you, especially if you already know their favorite kind.
4) You forgot your anniversary.
You’ll know when this happens. Perhaps your ears are still ringing from the “You forgot our anniversary?!” speech. Every anniversary is important to the one who loves you, whether you’ve been married for one year or 50 years. It doesn’t matter where your significant other falls on the romance spectrum. Flowers will do you both a world of good.
5) You forgot about the new baby.
You knew your friend or relative was pregnant. You’re pretty sure you remembered the due date. Then poof! Baby photos populate your social media feeds and the new mom is commenting on all of the amazing and useful baby gifts she received – and thanking the people who gave them to her. Now is the perfect time to send a baby-themed bouquet of flowers, which can be a thing of beauty in the post-birth chaos.
6) You forgot to congratulate someone on something big.
Someone important in your life just accomplished something major and you forgot to congratulate them on it. Maybe your niece just graduated from law school. That friend who always dabbled in art had their first exhibit. Your father, after a great deal of soul-searching, finally retired. Send this person a bouquet pronto while they’re still basking in the glow of their accomplishment.
7) You forgot to keep a very important appointment.
You had a meeting planned with a job contact or a potential business partner and it completely slipped your mind. All is not lost if you act quickly. Get them flowers, and get them fast. Don’t forget to follow up with a phone call. They won’t be able to say no.
  1. You forgot that someone is going through a rough time.
Your sister really wanted that job but didn't get a second interview. Your friend just got dumped. Whatever is going wrong in your special someone’s life, a bright bouquet of flowers and a heartfelt note will remind them of just how much you love them.

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