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Sympathy Flowers and Gifts

Send Sympathy Flowers: Send your most sincere condolences with a sympathy arrangement. During times of grievance, fresh flowers and plants can offer support to the ones you care about. This is life remembered. 

For a selection of arrangements, sprays, or wreaths specifically appropriate for funerals, please see our funeral flowers collection. 


Sympathy Arrangements: When it comes time to express sympathies to a loved one, friend or coworker, nothing is more fitting than a sympathy card and accompanying flowers. Beautiful floral arrangements, often created in white-centric palettes, are the traditional choice for individuals who want to send their condolences to those who have recently faced loss or serious health problems. Of course, sympathy arrangements are suitable for both home delivery and for use at funeral and memorial services.

Classic Flowers to Express Sympathies

For those who want to express their deepest sympathies with classic floral arrangements, choosing traditional flowers in whites, creams and yellows makes great sense. Among the most widely used and recognized of sympathy flowers is the striking Easter lily, which evokes the season of spring and a sense of the precious, cyclical nature of life. White roses, mums and snapdragons are also classic choices for sympathy arrangements. These beautiful flowers are offset in arrangements by rich greenery and occasional accent flowers in bold, beautiful colors. The sparse use of color in primarily white bouquets and basket arrangements is ideal for those families and individuals who want to remember the vibrancy of a recently departed loved one while staying on the conservative side.

Sympathy Baskets and Modern Choices

While white has been a standard selection for sympathy arrangements for years, newer, more modern choices are now offered to those who need to send their condolences. Gift baskets that include snack or food items are popular with those who want to send a useful, thoughtful gift directly to a funeral home or family home in advance of a memorial service or reception.

Other modern choices include floral arrangements that eschew subdued whites in favor of bright, bold colors. Multicolor arrangements are becoming increasingly popular for memorial services that are designed as a celebration of life instead of as a strictly somber occasion. Choosing floral arrangements in a color scheme preferred by the dearly departed is also a wonderful way to show sympathy.

Whether modern or traditional, sympathy arrangements feature full, vibrant flowers to offer a sense of warmth in a time of loss. For the family that has just lost a loved one, no gift is more touching and comforting than a beautiful floral arrangement or thoughtful gift basket. Contact 1800FLORIST to choose from a selection of sympathy arrangements.